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Hib's Happy Place On The Interwebs

The love you give is the love you get

Hibernia (yesterday is tomorrow, only backwards)
13 April 1968
My LJ:


My motto (macro made by my dear friend nuclearfootball) (I ♥ u Jane):


My personality:


and also:


House mood theme made by ME (I'm so creative!) and installed by the awesome nuclearfootball (thanks again! ♥!)!

I used to write House fan fic.

I post a public EFS (Entry For Somebodies) sometimes.

Everything else is f-locked and sometimes very tightly f-locked. If you friend me, I'll only friend you back if I feel we have something in common.

Meet my main obsession. Gavin rules all and is always relevant. So, go forth and check out my community gavin_rules.


More useful (?) information:

I'm Hibernia1 on Twitter too. If you follow me there, I might follow you back.

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